The 3 Body Problem

several children dressed in creepy rabbit costumes. Black and white, vintage

Some thoughts while reading The 3 Body Problem:

  • Human nature is tenaciously monstrous, and this is why we will survive the future.
  • This is the most beautiful conspiracy theory ever conceived.
  • I need to read more on the Cultural Revolution.
  • Fiction needs more grandmothers filled with cold rage.
  • This is the weirdest take on a First Contact With an Alien Civilization trope I’ve come across.
  • What a cool idea for a fully immersive VR world.
  • So much physics. So much physics.

I lovedThe 3 Body Problem. No wonder Cixin Liu won a Hugo.

If you’re into hard scifi, I recommend picking it up. You can click on the image below to buy it on Amazon.