Daily Ritual Omelette

omelette with salsa - cheeseandglory

This omelette I just made is delicious. Fresh mushrooms, red bell peppers, fresh spinach, Colby Jack cheese, topped with my favorite salsa.  I’ve been fantasizing lately about starting a food-themed podcast; last night while I was driving home from Book… Continue Reading

Home Alone, Just Me and Science

Left alone for the evening, Jenn is left to fend boredom with the aid of science, and weird ideas from the internet. What follows may shock you. Continue Reading

Day Before Thanksgiving Ramble

This is my first year ever to really cook a Thanksgiving dinner, which we’re taking to my boyfriend’s parents’ house tomorrow. We were originally going to have them over, but as our apartment building nightmare isn’t quite over yet, I’m still… Continue Reading

Blogging 101 Day One

I’ve been trying to kick this blog into life for months now, so I decided to give the WordPress Blogging 101 challenge a try.  I signed up for November, and then an unexpected life event ate up nearly the entire… Continue Reading