ancillary justice book trailer - army of zombie soldiers in white armor

Gorgeous Book Tailer for Ancillary Justice

If you haven’t read Ann Leckie’s Ancillary Justice, watch this fan-made book trailer that shows the error of your ways.  And if you have read it, you really need to watch this.  

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winter trees in snow field

Have some light weekend reading

Here are some of my favorite articles and media that I came across this week, with some related bits for context. Enjoy the weekend and stay warm! I could watch videos of movement on the sun all day. These magnetic arches are beautiful. Andy from College Humor has a side project illustrating stories from real role playing campaigns and the result is hilarious. And you can submit your own stories for him to turn into comic strips. My own group is probably going to send in the story of our  meat shield warrior losing his pants after pissing on a pit of fire. There were a lot of stories following David Bowie’s… Read More

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