January Status Report: First Goal of 2016 Achieved

First, a big thank you to Warren Ellis for linking to my review of Dead Pig Collector in his newsletter, Orbital Operations. It’s an excellent newsletter that he sends out on Sundays, and reads like the fascinating ramblings and recommendations of your very cool uncle who has done some weird shit in his life. I recommend that you subscribe. Second, my brain has been almost completely liquefied after a few weeks of shopping my resume around in search of new, more interesting work. I have now found the object of this quest, and am in the process of leaving the employer that I’ve been with for nearly four years. The best… Read More

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picture of a knife and sheath, words 'dead pig collector'

Review: Dead Pig Collector by Warren Ellis

I just raced through the audio version of Warren Ellis’s Dead Pig Collector, a delightful exploration of the world of hired killers and body disposal, performed by Wil Wheaton. You’ll learn all sorts of things about body disposal. I’m very curious about who all Ellis talked to when working on this piece, as he obviously dove deep into subject expertise. Definitely going on the list of things I’d love to talk to him about over whiskey. Wil Wheaton delivers Warren Ellis’s dry British humor perfectly. I had a hard time not laughing out loud this morning as I listened to the story in my office. Anyone who appreciates taking the practical and… Read More

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Time is Weird in 2016: Obligatory New Year’s Post

The last few months have been rather exciting. In October, Reed and I built the equivalent of a B-level Frankenstein’s lab for our Halloween party, “Disco Frankenstein: It’s Alive, Alive, It’s Stayin’ Alive.” We also built a 7ft tall Monster. We may scale back a bit this year. In November I wrote a book! I finished NaNoWriMo for the first time ever, and ended up with something that has a beginning, middle, and end. This has never happened before, not even something I could call a Zero Draft, and I’m still reeling a bit with disbelief that I finally did it. I will be rewriting and revising this spring. And… Read More

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