First British Scifi Film Released from Archive for Christmas


First ever British sci-fi feature film released
Britain’s first ever sci-fi feature film, A Message from Mars, will be available to watch in full for the first time in over a century on BFI Player and BBC Arts Online.

The science fiction film  A Message From Mars was first released in 1913, which makes it over a century old.  The original tinting and tones have been restored.  To recreate the original score for this silent film, a piano from 1913 was used for authenticity of sound.  Further work on the film’s sound was done by the New Radiophonic Workshop, also known for creating the sound of Doctor Who’s Tardis.

A Message From Mars was the first full length British science fiction film, beginning a robust tradition of speculative fiction and fantasy in British cinema, and eventually, television.

The film will be released this coming Friday, December 12th.

It’s certainly going to be weird in that way only early cinema can be, and in the way of classic scifi. Reportedly the film has a similar story to A Christmas Carol, or perhaps It’s A Wonderful Life, with a Martian come to Earth to “change the heart of a selfish man.” Sounds like a great reason to stay in and stay warm on a December evening.