Mornings are shaping up

pizzaeatingsharkIt was so cold this morning that we opted to get out the Wii Fit instead of doing our usual 2 mile walk. The Wii Fit and I have some serious philosophical differences, namely that the software is an asshole that fat shames and goes out of its way to make anyone who doesn’t exist within its narrow concept of physical ideal feel really shitty about themselves. I would fire a personal trainer who pulled that; Nintendo really screwed up with Wii Fit.

Whatever. It was too cold to walk and we have a sort of work around to avoid the asshole in the software.

Last night I picked up Ernest Cline’s Ready Player One again, this time in a physical copy (I listened to about half of the audio book, and stopped because the book is mostly lists that make for a painfully boring audio book despite Wil Wheaton’s best efforts), and came across┬áthe chapter where the main character is resentfully doing maintenance on his physical body. I like the idea of a lock that prevents you from going to work or doing anything on a computer before you have burned an appropriate amount of calories for the day. I hope that in the future where we do everything in some cobbled together version of the Matrix, that is a real thing.

I want to start hiking on the weekends. I had a lovely afternoon yesterday taking pictures of trees and trying to figure out how to do a shot that would make a patch of poison ivy look ominous. Hoping to get those uploaded tonight.

I also got most of the legal paperwork taken care of for my business, which is pretty damn exciting. I have an actual business bank account. Things are moving forward. Getting more exercise, reading more books, doing more art, working to get paid to write. And it’s only the first Tuesday of 2016.