Who’s Jenn Burroughs?

Jennifer Burroughs is a freelance writer and speculative fiction author living in Austin, TX. Jenn is a friend to cats, has done her time as a barista, and goes to great lengths to avoid killing spiders.

Before moving to Austin permanently, Jenn bounced back and forth between Texas and Alaska, occasionally going to university to study creative writing and anthropology. Jenn was briefly the leader of a small cult in the late 2000’s, while running an illegal music venue out of her living room.

Her three favorite things are cats, Halloween, and taking pictures of abandoned buildings. She drinks coffee by the bucket, loves good whiskey, and has a tragically complicated relationship with cheese.

She first got her now-husband’s attention by showing up to his Wizard of Oz-themed Halloween party as The PatchWork Girl.

Jenn mostly writes horror that crosses over into science fiction and fantasy. She blames this on the pervasive creepiness of West Texas, where she grew up; the wind, the dust storms, the constant UFO sitings, the history of Native American massacres, and proximity to the original nuclear testing site.

At the moment Jenn is working on short fiction and four novels in her Wyrd, Texas, universe, and she hopes to have her first self-published novel out by the end of 2017.

Jenn currently reviews short fiction for Tangent, and is looking for other opportunities to review books, films, and comics. She is also interested in doing alpha/beta reader exchanges with other indie authors.


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